After weeks of anticipation, I managed to attend 2AM’s Meet & Greet at Venice Piazza in One McKinley Hill last April 29. Let me be the first to admit that I really wasn’t a 2AM fan. Unlike during Super Junior’s concert, when I was armed with a complete mastery of their whole discography, I barely knew any of 2AM’s songs. But what the hell, they were Korean so I had to support them!

I went to the event with @jazzyhue, a friend from Twitter who made the afternoon even more exciting than I expected. We had initially agreed to go there immediately after lunch but she arrived 2 hours late. My heart was palpitating as I was quite worried that we wouldn’t make the 500 cut-off. You see, only the first 500 buyers of 2AM’s album at the venue could get their copy signed by Jinwoon, Seulong, Changmin, and Jokwon.

As indicated in my Meet & Greet Pass above, I was #479. Talk about being close. Like 21 more and all my efforts would have gone to waste. I even missed work for this under the pretense of some personal appointment (Yes, I’m a certified fan boy). But the K-Pop gods seem to have blessed my misguided dedication to a band that I didn’t even initially followed. I was about to breathe a sigh of relief — but then one of the event hosts mentioned that the first 500 buyers of the album would get a chance to get their album signed but only 1 hour would be allotted for the actual signing! I couldn’t help but compute how many albums 2AM had to sign very minute to be able to sign all 500 (around 8 per minute). I was so bothered by this that I wasn’t able to focus on the opening performance of Krissy and Ericka or get my photo taken with Kring Elenzano of! I was so not going to be appeased by the free poster that came with the album!

Thank goodness, 2AM was absofreakinglutely good singers! It was virtual mind fuck when they sang 2 songs in succession – “You Wouldn’t Answer My Call” and “Like Crazy”. Cliches aside, all the 2AM members really sang from the heart with intense emotions that made you wonder whether they were nursing a broken heart or something. They were all in the zone and delivered a technically and emotionally flawless performance. This breathtaking act was followed by a short game featuring a blindfolded fan who had to guess who Jinwoon was by (groping) hugging all the members. I could feel all the envy from the fan girls around.

When it was time for the actual album signing, I was still worried about whether I would get what I came for. But then I saw how fast the boys were signing the albums (it was like a factory production line) so my fears literally evaporated. They were signing like 10 or more albums every minute! Finally, I got my Special Edition copy of 2AM’s Saint ‘O Clock signed by all of them.

I was beyond thrilled since Jo Kwon even greeted me “안녕하세요!” (Hello!) while Jinwoon actually said 감사합니다!” (Thank you!) to me when I was having my album signed. It’s cool to watch a concert and see your K-Pop idols but it’s also quite a different experience to see them up close and have their sign.

All in all, this was absolutely one of the most budget-friendly K-Pop event I’ve attended so far. The album served as the ticket to the Meet & Greet and even came with a free poster. I had so much fun and enjoyed 2AM’s music so much that you can all consider me an IAM from now on! Watch out for my new header dedicated to them! ^^

By the way, whoever held the No. 481 Meet & Greet Pass owes me and @jazzyhue big time! The attendant at the album selling booth accidentally gave 3 passes to us and we could have hoarded that. But I believe in fan love and I didn’t want to deprive a fellow fan. Maybe that’s why the K-Pop gods were smiling at us that day. (^~^)


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  1. Nina says:

    wow! you’re so close to me and my friends number! We’re 474, 475 and 476! I know what you feel when you get a close encounter with them because I’m also not a big 2AM fan. My unforgettable moment about the meet and greet is when seulong stared at me for a very long time while signing the cover. Anyway, just sharing. 😀

    • joon 준 says:

      Thanks for sharing your 2AM experience! I was quite blown away by how good they were in singing~~~and they really emote well while they are performing. Seulong is actually my favorite from the group because he was very funny in Perfect Match. But now I am definitely a 2AM fan boy. (^_^)

    • Chi says:

      Wow!!! That was awesome!! =))) the autograph signing was too fast and it will only take them 1 sec to look at the fans… May i ask, how did you feel??? =))))

      • joon 준 says:

        It was cool! I was actually quite tense about the whole thing since I was No. 479 and they were only signing 500 albums! I was afraid that 2AM might suddenly change their mind and just say “Sorry, we’re too tired./We have something on our schedule.” and not finish the signing. (>.<)

    • chi says:

      wow!! that was awesome!!! =))) the autograph signing was so fast that it will only took them about 1 sec to look at the fans… =))) nice to know that seulong was charmed by a pinay beauty.. =)))

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