My relatively old (ok, it’s just been three months) Lock & Lock Canteen was dirty as hell since I forgot to wash it before Holy Week break. I needed a water bottle for gym but didn’t want to wash the icky canteen. So being the lazy guy that I am, I decided to opt for the easy albeit more expensive option of just buying a new water bottle.

I ended up in the Lock & Lock Concept Store in the 3rd floor of Glorietta 4 (right beside Toby’s). I admit, I’ve never been so enamored with plastic containers before visiting this store. Now, I understand to some degree how omoni felt about Tupperware.

After some deliberation and conversation with the helpful Lock & Lock sales lady, I bought this green P600 Lock & Lock Eco Life 800mL Water Bottle. I had to rationalize deeply to myself why it was worth the expensive price and here is my list:

  • It has a really sleek design: the contoured body with easy-grip, plus the cap that has a rubber plastic lining to easily twist it open.
  • It comes with measurements on the side so I can be accurate about my whey protein drinks for the gym (although I’m wondering why the measurement only counts until 700 mL when it is an 800 mL bottle).
  • It comes in a deep forest green color that reflects its environmentally friendly BisFree Tritan copolyester, a Bisphenol-A (BPA) free material, that’s 100% recyclable and was produced with less CO2 emission
  • It can be used for both hot and cold drinks since the material is as light and durable as plastic but has the high transparency of glass.
  • It has an inner stopper that helps prevent spills. (Yes, I’m a messy drinker!)

In short, I like the fact that it’s from Lock & Lock – the leading Korean brand of kitchen and other what-have-you-ware containers. Ha ha ha! (^0^)


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  1. Fmn says:

    it is written as 700 mL because it measures up to that particular line which indicates 700 mL, 800 mL is the total volume that it could have up to the inner stopper. Since it is not possible to write “800 ml” at the very end of the bottle. Btw I love this bottle too and just knew that it is Korean brand 🙂

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