I just wanted to share this Facebook conversation between my Korean friend and a non-Korean who added him up. It just so happened that he had the same name as SHINee’s Kim Jong-Hyun hence some fan confusion.

 Kain C. Pratesang: Hello my idol

 김종현: hi

 Kain C. Pratesang: How’s going there? i’m Kain, from Thailand. what’s ur name ma friend?

 김종현: my name is 김종현 (kim jong hyun)

 Kain C. Pratesang: Are you a real Kim Jong Hyun from Shinee?

 김종현: no not shinee just same name but im nice guy too ㅋㅋㅋ

 Kain C. Pratesang: Ahhhh nice to meet you here, nice Korean guy 🙂

 김종현: nice to meet you too 🙂

Nice Korean guy? ShaWols can be so cute sometimes. Although, Jong-Hyun can also be equally cute with his responses about whether he’s the guy from SHINee or not. Here’s what he tweeted when someone asked him on Twitter whether he’s the Kim Jong-Hyun from SHInee:

김종현 jjong4890 김종현 
@magzchun not shinee im just normal kim jong hyun

Ha ha ha! Normal Kim Jong-Hyun?! Super cute, right? (^0^)


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  1. thoraya says:

    i love you Kim Jonghyun

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