The Woongjin Foundation has produced 10 animated features based on Philippine fairy tales. These will be aired on several TV stations including IPTV (Qook, Ch. 620 and 621), Cable TV ( C & M, 811 and 812) and Skylife (Ch. 855 and 856).

This is part of the foundation’s efforts to support multicultural families in Korea who have been discovered to be having a challenging time with their cultural identity. Aside from Philippine fairy tales, the foundation has also adopted traditional folklore from Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mongolia. These folk tales were selected because of the universal lessons that they impart.

Each story is captured in a 5 to 10 minute animated feature. These shows will not just be broadcast but will also be compiled in a CD that will be used in 100 multicultural centers across Korea.

This is a great effort to make Korea an even more multiculturally friendly society as it continues to become more global culturally. It would help those who are in multicultural families to be more aware and proud of their other cultural roots. I’m impressed and I hope the Woongjin Foundation continues their endeavors towards a more embracing Korea.

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