The secret is out!

GMA7 will be airing Secret Garden, the top-rating drama last year in Korea this coming May 2. I enjoyed all 20 episodes of this already when it first aired in Korea so I’m giving you all a preview thru this post of what the drama is going to be all about.

Secret Garden stars Hyun Bin (of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon fame) as Owen, an extremely conceited and self-absorbed rich kid who has a nasty temper and an even nastier tongue. Owen has created a formidable image of himself: he always walks with head up high, he never speaks with anyone who he thinks is lower than himself in stature, and he always wears the latest and most fashionable clothes no mater how ridiculous they make him look (His signature style is a blue sparkly tracksuit! Ha ha ha!). Owen doesn’t believe in showing his weaknesses to anyone and always plays to win whether it’s with his enemies, his business associates, and even his friends and family. In Owen’s mind – he is perfect and his life is also perfect because he made it so.

All this will turn upside down when he meets Jamie as played by Ha Ji-Won, a hardworking stuntwoman, who is the opposite of everything that Owen represents. Jamie doesn’t care much about appearances. She believes that’s it’s more important to work hard and be nice to people you meet along the way than to really reach the top. For her, winning isn’t everything. Simply having the chance to do what she loves (being a stuntwoman) is enough. This gung-ho action star attitude captivates Owen – much to his frustration. He cannot even begin to understand how he could like such an ill-bred, unstylish, uber-manly woman. To find out whether he is just fascinated or curious because of their differences, he starts following her everywhere and uses his money and power to find ways that they would meet each other. All these he does with the disclaimer that he would eventually get bored with her.

Initially, Jamie is quite flattered that the rich-guy-in-a-hideous-what-were-you-thinking-sparkling-tracksuit finds her attractive. But this feeling doesn’t last as Owen tries to show in every moment how she is beneath him in stature. Theirs becomes an extreme hate relationship as they fight and argue every step of the way. But as we all know, the more you hate, the more you love. Their relationship grows even stronger when a mysterious force causes them to swap bodies every time it rains (yes, it’s weird and magical but trust me – this body-swapping becomes heartbreaking at a certain point).

What I love most about Secret Garden are the two leads. Their bickering is intensely fascinating to watch as they trade insult after insult in their attempts to hide their growing feelings for each other. Hyun Bin is amazing as always, as he makes what could be the most hurtful man in the history of Korean Dramas still appealing and fragile despite having everything he could ever want. On the other hand, Ha Ji-Won lends her character a certain quiet strength while retaining a girlish charm.

I know the body-swapping has been done before but the timing is the key difference here. Owen and Jamie get their bodies always get switched at the most inopportune time: (SPOILER ALERT) like when Owen needs to fight off a major takeover of their family business and when Jamie has to audition for a movie that could be her biggest break ever. This strengthens their bond with each other and creates a deeper understanding of each other’s own problems and way of life. It’s also a great way to keep the plot moving since it keeps us guessing when the next swap happens.

But don’t think that’s it’s all funny sparkly tracksuits and insults all the way. This drama actually has a lot of heart. It has such a heartbreaking ending when the whole plot finally comes together and the reason for the body-swapping is revealed.

I can’t wait to see how GMA7 adapted the tirades and crisp script of the original Korean version. One thing I don’t like as of the moment though is the ridiculous theme song that they are using. “Basta’t Kasama Kita” by Jake Vargas simply doesn’t match the tone of the drama!

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  1. sila ba yung nasa kim sam soon?

    • joon 준 says:

      Yes, Hyun Bin is the guy from My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. But the girl is different. She’s from Damo (I don’t know if you saw that).

      The girl from Kim Sam Soon is Kim Sun-Ah. (^~^)

  2. ernani says:

    correction Hyun bin as kim joo won not Owen and Ha ji won as Gil Ra Im not jamie ^^ me too really love secret garden,i cant get enough watching this drama.secret garden make me laugh,crying and fallin in love.hyun bin’s smile make me flattered and ha ji won’s eyes touching my heart.secret garden,ha ji won and hyun bin will always stay in my heart tomorrow and the next days.last wish: i hope secret garden will airing in indonesia super jealous with u all in philipina

    • joon 준 says:

      This is the “Filipino” dubbed version. That’s why they changed the original Korean names. So Kim Joo-Won is now Owen and Gil Ra-Im is now Jamie. That’s how some local Filipino channels do it when they dub the Korean Dramas. They change the Korean names to English names.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! (^_^)

    • unknown says:

      but it’s owen and jamie in the philippines, we used to change the korean name into common names so that it it would be easy to remember..

  3. ernani says:

    no mention 🙂 really love to read all about hyun bin and ha ji won,btw lovely name Owen and jamie ^^

  4. jovie says:

    katatapos koh lng mapanuuod ung secret garden… love it hahaha soppahh ganda nia… i still watch it pag nasa t.v. nah.

    pls. watch it!!

    love koh nah c HA JI WON and HYUN BIN.

    especially c HA JI WON.
    She’s amazing person that any lady can look like her.

  5. majo says:

    I’ve already seen this series and it was good….different plot. Hyun Bin was the lead guy in Korean series My Name is Kim Sam Soon and in The World They Live In with Song Hye Kyo. Ha Ji Won was the lead character of Hwang Ji Ni which I believed GMA also aired it before. She’s also in Something Happened in Bali. 🙂

  6. aka Yui says:

    “One thing I don’t like as of the moment though is the ridiculous theme song that they are using. “Basta’t Kasama Kita” by Jake Vargas simply doesn’t match the tone of the drama!”

    THIS! my sentiments exactly. so as the rest of the REAL SeGa fans.

    I like this better:

  7. aka Yui says:

    and it seem this is how the battle of Kdramas of PH TV will be:

    Late Afternoon-
    My Princess *last 2 weeks , to be replaced by I Am Legend (ABSCBN)
    Temptation of Wife, to be replaced by Playful Kiss (GMA)

    Imortal * last week, to be replaced by My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (ABSCBN)
    The Baker King * last wee, to be replaced by Secret Garden (GMA)

    interesting. esp the Primetime rivals

    but I Am Legend seems out of place. ABS should have put Marry Me Mary on that slot instead. Cute versus Cute. who cares about the story. LOL. i wont be watching anyway. HAHAHAHA.

  8. WoOow! bukod sa SECRET G., may 5 pang bago sa 7 1) PLAYFUL KISS 2)CINDERELLA MAN 3)GOURMET 4)Dong-Yi 5)BIG THING ========================================= kumpara sa 2 _ i am legend, lang”

    • joon 준 says:

      Actually, ABS-CBN will also be airing My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho and Marry Me Mary. Add this to My Princess, and you have all the trendy dramas that aired in Korea recently (minus Secret Garden, of course).

      Just a note, two of the Korean Dramas that GMA7 is airing are somewhat old. Cinderella Man aired way back in 2009 while Gourmet was from 2008. (^~^)

  9. cherryline says:

    well i have seen all 20 episodes of secret garden already and really really like in uber like…i was thinking at that time what channel would buy its rights and i wasn’t wrong GMA got it because as we all know hyun bin has been seen in My Name is Kim Sam Soon and it was really a big hit here in the philippines..i have seen ha ji won in What Happened in Bali and i really love her at that time..Secret Garden has been a big hit in korean even until now koreans really love it although i’m sad because Hyun Bin has been enlisted in the army as prt of their duty..we will not be seein him for quiet a long time but i’m happy that finally i would be able to watch secret garden with its tagalog version..i hope that the cheesy dialouges in the korean version would also be cheesy in this tagalog version..i’m now a great Hyun Bin and ha Ji Won version…just for a little trivia Hyun Bin was not the original to play the ever lovable character of Kim Joo Won but i’m happy with happened because Hyun Bin was very effective in this role….GO GO GO…Secret Garden…for sure Filipinos would fall in love with this one…

  10. cherryline says:

    well i’m happy that i have found this site…im very happy that finally secret garden will be aired here in the philippines…i’ve been following that drama since it started last november and i’ve been hooked…i really really like in uber-like.i’m a Secret Garden fanatic and Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won fan..i was thinking before who would get the rights for this drama and i was right GMA-7 got it because as we all know Hyun Bin has been seen in My Name is Kim Sam Soon and it has been a great hit here in the philippines..i’ happy that i can finally see Secret Garden in tagalog version..just for a little trivia Hyun Bin was not the original choice to play the role of Kim Joo Won or Owen but and i’m happy with wh
    at happened because Hyun Bin has been Very effective in his role.. I hope that the lines would be as cheesy as itwould be translated in tagalog version…i cannot wait to see ths on May 2 i feel so excited…for sure it would be another hit here in the Philippines because we just love the story of a rich man falling in love to a poor girl nd that is not just that you will be seeing a lot more and i hope that a lot of people would love it as much as i have…Thanks for this site…GO GO GO Secret Garden!!!!

  11. cherie mae says:

    ok lng nmn kung hindi mgandah ung kantah………. nasa plbas nmn yan……. mgandah nga yung kntah pngit nmn yung plbs………ayus nga yyun eh kasi mas masarap panuurin ang nakakainis…..

  12. cherie mae says:

    hindi nmn pligsahan ng mgandang kantah sa mga korea novela……….
    ………ipinapakitah ng gma7 kung anuh ang mga palbs nah maipag mamalaki ng korea dito sa bansa nmin………. tumutulong lng ang mga istsyun ibentah ang korea……….. not competition but sharing what is the best of korea………

    • joon 준 says:

      The theme song plays an important part in setting the mood of a drama. I’m not saying that GMA7 doesn’t get it all the time or that ABS-CBN does all the time.

      I remember, I was quite impressed by how Jolina Magdangal’s “Maybe It’s You” actually fit My Name Is Kim Sam Soon quite perfectly. There was nothing like that song in the OST of the Korean version of the drama but it fit quite well with it. Which is not the same case with Secret Garden’s song.


  13. Jaypee says:

    Update: Playful Kiss starting on May 30 5pm.. 🙂

  14. xGerwinMyLovEx says:

    nakakamiss ang SEGA so much ~.~ .. Mganda rin ang “basta’t kasama kita” na gnawang theme song at nang gnawan nila ng MV verzi0n , it fits well

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