Ooooh…please don’t let this end up like “Blood”. Please let this be like “300” or something. Please~~~

Priest, the manhwa (Korean comics for those unaware) by Min Woo-Hyung is set to be made into a full movie by Columbia Pictures. This manhwa was actually inspired by “Blood” as it also fuses Western aesthetics with martial arts, supernatural horror, and dark fantasy.

The movie adaptation is envisioned in a post-apocalyptic setting wherein vampires are in constant war with humans and the church acts as the protector/ruler of the humans. I’m still confused with the English characters since I haven’t really read the original manhwa (and we all know how loose Hollywood adaptations can be). But more or less, the movie adaptation of Priest focuses on the story of Paul Bettany — a legendary Warrior Priest who survived the bloody Vampire Wars. Since his “retirement”, he has lived a peaceful life with his niece Lily Collins. But when vampires abduct her, the Priest breaks his vow not to spill blood and breaks away from the orders of the Church.

This Hollywood flick stars Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Karl Urban, and Stephen Moyer — and will be directed by Scott Stewart, the eye behind 2010’s Legion.

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