Finally, a cultural crossover girl group that I don’t dislike!

Blush is a relatively new girl group composed of Ji Hae-Lee from Korea, Victoria Chan from China, Alisha Budharani from India, Natsuko Danjo from Japan, and Angeli Flores from the Philippines. They were formed thru Project Lotus, an intensive talent search  in 2010, that featured respected international artists like Lea Salonga, Karen Wok, and Jonathan Wang as judges.

After they were selected as members of the group, they eventually received training in singing and dancing at the Lotus Academy in Hong Kong. They were mentored and handled by impressive names like Jon Niermann, Brian Grant, Eliot Kennedy, David Liu, Rock Fang, Philippa Hanna, and Angela Wang. This world-class training is quite evident in their music.

I really love their sound because unlike other groups (which end up as being mere imitations of K-Pop or whatever), Blush really has a unique Pan-Asian fusion sound. It has the edge of Japanese hip-hop and rap, the electronic pop vibe of K-Pop, the dramatic feel of traditional Chinese ballads, the stirring touch of Indian music, and even the powerful vocals of OPM. On the surface, their harmony might seem like simple pop but if one listens closely, you can hear the complexity of their melody, vocalization, and arrangement.

Their look is also more dynamic as it seems inspired by different Asian styles. It’s not like they just ripped off their looks from K-Pop or J-Pop. Kudos to whoever does their styling! Just look at the hot photo above. The look is definitely not something that can easily be dated or boxed into a specific country’s style.

Hope to hear and see more from this group!!!

Thanks to for the video and to projectlotus for the photo.


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