The Facebook Event page for David Choi’s concert was updated recently. Aside from the minor tweak of the poster, which now has the phrase “Live in Manila” in white text against a green box (It’s customized for the Philippines since Jakarta has purple or periwinkle or whatever), David posted some new details that really got my attention. He said:

Both albums and 2 of my T-shirt designs will be on sale before and after the concert!

An hour Meet & Greet will be held after the concerts for both nights for those who are ticket holders

David Choi albums, t-shirts, plus a Meet & Greet? (Now that’s BIG!!!) Ok. I am so sold. I’m definitely not missing this concert! I’ve also asked David (Yes, we’re close~~~he tweets back to me! ㅎ ㅎㅎ!) whether he would be signing albums during the Meet & Greet. I have a pretty good feeling he’ll say yes because he’s cool that way!

Thanks to David Choi for the photo.


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  1. Kat says:

    any idea on the cd and shirt prices?

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