MCA has released details of the 2AM Live in Manila Tour for the upcoming Meet & Greet and Grand Showcase on April 28, 29, and 30. As I mentioned in a previous post, this will be in Newport Plaza at Resorts World Manila, The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, and the Open Park at Eastwood Mall.

The good news is that the Saint O’ Clock Special Edition album (available only during the tour) that you purchase  for only P650 in each of the venues will serve as your ticket. The bad news is that the album you buy in each venue will only serve as the ticket for that venue (i.e. the album you buy in Newport Plaza does not count in the Eastwood Venue). So if you are a super IAM, you need to buy three albums in all three venues.

There will be two Meet & Greet Events. These will be held at 6 pm of April 28 at Resorts World and at the Venice Piazza. 2AM will be performing live in both of these venues. Do note that there will be different performances in each. There will be an enclosed area in front of the stage wherein sponsors, mall executives, and MCA Music staff will be seated. This enclosed space will also have a standing area for those who purchase the album.

Of course, there will also be an album signing in both places. The albums will be sold in each venue as soon as the mall opens and each buyer will get a corresponding control number and signing pass when they get the album. It’s important to remember that each person may only have one album signed. This is crucial since only the first 500 albums sold per mall will be signed by 2AM.

As for the Grand Show at Eastwood Mall, again, the album will serve as the ticket to the standing area in front of the stage. This will be a one night full show with 2AM performing live their hits and other surprise numbers. There will be no album signing in this venue. But with the one night concert on, I think it’s still worth it.

Since I’m not a hardcore IAM as much as I am a die-hard ELF, I only plan on attending 1 Meet and Greet (probably the one at McKinley Hill) and The Grand Show at Eastwood. Ok, I admit – that still sounds a bit much for a non-hardcore IAM. That’s equivalent to 2 albums at P650 each for a total of P1300. Not bad for a chance to see 2AM perform live and have them sign thealbum. I still regret missing the Kyusaeng Fan Meet last February. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

Thanks to 2AM Live in Manila 2011 for the photo and details.


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  1. topyxyz says:

    If you don’t buy an album during the grand show @Eastwood, can you still watch?

    • joon 준 says:

      You won’t be able to enter the area reserved for those who buy a copy of the album. This is said to have the vantage view of the stage. The organizers have not released details of the stage set-up but there is still a chance that you can still watch them from afar. But it’s still better if you get a copy of the album. (^_^)

  2. izzs says:

    hi, do you know where they will sell the CD and the location of Meet & Greet of 2AM at The Venice Piazza?

  3. Chamie!! says:

    ngek! I thought it’s a free concert? So i still need to buy their album just to have their autograph and to be able to watch their performance??? tsk

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