I’m craving for a Bon Chon Chicken Sandwich!

I’ve been on a high protein, low-fat, low-carb diet for the whole week. Despite eating only tuna, oatmeal, yogurt, milk, and protein shakes – I’ve been able to stay away from all the oily and fatty stuff except when my dongsaeng and I dropped by Bon Chon Chicken in Greenbelt 1 for the umpteenth time.

Since I was thinking about my dedication to bulking up muscle and not fat, I decided to get a Bon Chon Chicken Sandwich Meal for P145 instead of the usual chicken with rice. Imagine my surprise when the meal came and it was this humongous Chicken Sandwich with two extra crispy chicken chops, a large juicy tomato slice, crunchy greens, and spicy mayo.

And if it wasn’t enough, it even came with a cup (yes, a literal paper cup) filled with fries. I’m not going to pretend that the Light Iced Tea that came with the meal was any healthier either. But they sure were good!!!

But what the heck?! I love my Bon Chon Chicken!!! ^^


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Hi! 안녕! ^^

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  1. iyingchichai says:

    haven’t tried that yet .. maybe my next visit near my workplace .. ^^, oooh … now i’m craving … !!!

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