I recently brought four friends to Baek Yuen Restaurant near De La Salle University in Dasmarinas, Cavite. This is my favorite Korean restaurant outside of the metro (I’m still figuring out what’s my favorite in the metro) and my friends, who are all new to Korean food were quite impressed.

Baek Yuen serves delicious and authentic Korean dishes for an affordable price. Plus you get a real feel for Korea with the TV that broadcasts Korean TV programs, the permed ajumma who owns the place, the cute Korean students that hang around in the place, and even the drunk ajeosshis every once in a while.

Anyway, we ordered kimbap 김밥 for P250. Kimbap is basically rice and other ingredients rolled in dried seaweed sheets (think sushi). The kimbap in Baek Yuen is well-balanced in flavors and rolled elegantly. The presentation is quite colorful and appetizing as well.

Then of course, I had to introduce them to the delicious world of Samgyupsal 삼귶살 for only P350 per serving. The minimum order is 2 servings so that’s equivalent to P700. Samgyupsal is basically pork belly (the same part used in bacon but without being cured) that is grilled on the table top then wrapped in lettuce with pepper paste, chili, garlic, and onions. You dip it into gireumjang 기름장 which is made out of sesame oil with rock salt.

But what really turned them over to the Southern Korean side was the banchan 반찬 or side dishes! They were surprised that you got so many side dishes for free. And what’s more they are absolutely refillable! The side dishes at Baek Yuen change depending on the availability of ingredients. My friends were so eager to eat the banchan that we only managed to take photos of some of them. Note that banchan dishes can reach as many as 12!

Technically, soup isn’t served as part of banchan. So I was surprised that they also served us this spicy tofu soup. Again, yes, this soup is free!

So if ever you’re in Cavite, visit Baek Yuen Restaurant at the 2nd Floor C & C Building, corner Villa Isabel Mangubat Avenue, Burol Main, Dasmarinas Cavite.


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  1. chi.lene says:

    i ate there several times ^^ i love their side dishes and that free soup.. oh! that soup! ^_^

    i’m not korean.. but i really appreciate and love their foods.. ^^

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