While looking for a place to eat near iHooked Buendia (It’s a PC 방), my friends and I ended up in Chunky Boy Drunken Barbeque Bar & Grill for dinner. I guess “Drunken” refers not just to their barbeque but also to their customers since it seems like a place for drinking as well. I ordered Korean Beef something (of course!) but it didn’t taste Korean at all – more like Sweet Chinese Sesame Beef with Bean Sprouts (why does that sound so good when I write it?) – although I did enjoy it.

Anyway, the point of this post is that they actually have Korean Ice Cream available there! Who would think that despite not having anything authentically Korean on the menu – they would have a whole freezer filled with delights from Binggirae 빙그래! I introduced my friends to the love of Korean ice cream. We got Melona 메로나 Creamsicle (the best ice-drop ever, no wonder it’s a best-seller!) for only P30 and an Ice Cream Sandwich with Cheese Cake 빵또아 치즈케익 (vanilla ice cream sandwich between 2 yummy slices of cheesecake) for only P42. This pricing is about right and is the same as in Korean supermarkets.

There also other varieties of ice cream available here — including a Banana 바나나 Creamsicle for only P30 (how can you go wrong with banana ice cream), the Yomoitie 요맘때 Strawberry Yogurt Bar for P30 (the healthy goodness of yogurt with sweet strawberry flavor), and the Encho 엔초 Bar (think Pinipig Crunch) for only P30.

My friends and I are regular DOTA gamers at iHooked Buendia so it’s such a blessing to have Korean ice cream nearby for a quick sweet treat!

So if ever you’re in the location, head on to Chunky Boy for your Korean ice cream fix. It’s located at the Ground Floor of the Lotus Tower Garden, Pasong Tamo corner Export Bank Avenue, Makati City.

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