Want to do something different for the summer? Then enroll in the Dance Classes offered by Wonderful Philippines! They will conducting two dance classes on April 15 and 16. They will teach you how to dance “This Fool”  on the first date and “Irony” on the second date (Of course, they primarily teach Wonder Girls dance steps).

Fees are at P220 for one class and P400 for both classes (Yes, you get a discount!) Each class you enroll in also entitles you to a free one (1) hour class on a non-Wonder Girls song. The song will be decided on through a vote from all the dance class students from the list below:

1. Again and Again-2PM
2. Breathe-Miss A
3. Bad Girl Good Girl-Miss A
4. Boom Boom Pow (JYP Sisters version)
5. Wedding Dress-Taeyang
6. Beautiful-Beast
7. Hurricane Venus-Boa
8. Push Push-Sistar
9. How Dare You-Sistar
10. Nu ABO-f(x)
11. I’ll Be Back-2PM
12. Tell Me Your Wish- SNSD
13. Bang- After School
14. Abracadabra-Brown Eyed Girls
15. Bonamana-Super Junior
16. HUH – 4Minute

There will also be a culmination event (sort of like a dance recital) on April 16 after the second class wherein the students will showcase what they learned. Now, that sounds fun! Nevertheless, I really cannot dance at all so I probably won’t join this one. But for all you K-Pop fans out there who want to learn Wonder Girls steps, this is perfect for the summer!

Visit HERE to find out more on how to enroll!


Thanks to Wonderful Philippines for the photo.


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