I’ve never regretted being 26 and a graduate. Except now. ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ

The Philippine Embassy in Korea has announced that Daewon University College (DUC) in Jechon City is offering scholarships for students interested in a 2-year associate program in the fields of Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Social Service.

This scholarship includes tuition fees for 3 years (inclusive of 1 year Korean language study and 2 years of major education), round-trip economy airfare, dormitory allowance, and meal allowance. Those selected to be scholars will enter the autumn semester which begins this coming September 11.

Only those aged 15 to 25 (I just turned 26!!!) and are high school students or college undergraduates (I’m a graduate already!!!) are qualified to apply. Due preference will also be given to those who are incapable of pursuing college because of financial reasons. Deadline for all applications will be on May 15 already! So hurry! You lucky young people!

For further inquiries regarding application requirements, you can contact Mr. Mylo Faustino at m.fausto@philembassy-seoul.com

You can also find out more about Daewon University College by visiting their official website HERE. All I can say is that it’s quite impressive-looking!


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  1. Aljon Alvarado says:

    Good Day.. I am very interested to apply and to avail the scholarship you offer. I am a Filipino Citizen and currently achieving my associate course in Electrical Engineering just this month of March 2011. What are those requirements needed?

  2. Maricar says:

    hi ,
    I would like to ask if i can submit my accomplished requirements in the
    scholarship program that Daewon University College has been offered without the
    copy of passport because it will be released on May 27. It will be submit as
    soon as it will be released.

  3. HI!please send me those requirements sir/madame im so interested.i am a unfortunate student.

  4. i am interested to your scholarship with my big big pleasure,because i want to experience what high school life is.i graduate for about 6 years ago madame because my parents do not have enough money to send me to school,so please send me all those requirements if you think i deserve it.THANK YOU!

    • joon 준 says:

      I think it would be better if you read the post carefully first. There are detailed instructions there on how to get the information regarding the scholarship. ^^

  5. joy gabijan says:

    hi what if i cannot past the passport on deadline?

  6. fidel93fidel says:

    i would like to us about the scholarship…do you have some scholarship program after this??/

  7. fidel93fidel says:

    anwer me plzzzz. i would like to inquire…???rhanks more powers//..

  8. noriel says:

    hi, good day. i already sent an email to Mr.faustino. But theirs no response at all. thank you

  9. Curiously, a well written article.

  10. joy says:

    if i apply for scholarship when will i know that i’m qualify

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