I was invited last night to G______ Club, which is set to be the most exclusive club in the Philippines when it opens soon this year at Resorts World Manila across NAIA 3. It’s a members only club and membership is pegged at half a million (P500,000). I just managed to get an invite since the club is the client of our ad agency.

There was a delectable buffet of sushi, sashimi, and of course, Japchae 잡채 (You know I need to keep it Korean here)!!! For those new to Korean cuisine, Japchae is made of cellophane noodles stir fried in vegetable oil with various vegetables, beef, mushrooms, and a dash of sugar. “Jap” 잡 literally means mixed or stirred while “chae” 재 means vegetables – hence mixed vegetables. The Japchae they served at G______ Club was so good (since it had a balanced flavor of salty and sweet) that I went back for seconds.

Since this was a club, drinking was the main draw for me there. Initially, I was quite disappointed when I saw the drinks list and did not find a single Korean drink. I ended up ordering some Japanese Kirin Beer but I made a side comment about how disappointing it is that a half a million private club doesn’t have soju 소주. One of the lady attendants apparently heard me and made a dash to their bar. She later approached me and mentioned that they did have Jinro Chamisul Soju in their Korean drinks list. She said she could get me one in either original or fresh flavor. We all know I love my fresh Jinro soju!!! I was quite impressed with the service since she actually went out of her way to get what I want.

Let’s just say I absolutely enjoyed my stay there while drinking soju and eating japchae. There was a trio of tenors singing Italian songs for entertainment and they alternated with sexy Russian girls dancing as a couple of Filipinos belted out 70s and 80s hits. I think I got so drunk from the soju and the beer that I ended up singing “I had the time of my life…” and dancing with the Filipina singer under the illusion that I could move like Taecyon (My nasty officemate sent the incriminating video of this to everyone in the office! No, I’m not uploading it here!) I was so tempted to make a bomb drink or poktanju 폭탄주 using my Kirin beer and the soju but the steady gaze of my boss kept me from doing anything that the other guests would not understand.

And I swear, one of the guests in a really elegant suit looked like the twin of Choi Siwon! Or was I just that drunk?!



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