I had to go back in the office at this late hour to finish some work. To motivate myself, I decided to drop by Assima Supermarket 아씨마 수퍼마켓 for some quick Korean snacks.

I’ve been craving for some bungeopang ice cream 붕저빵 아이스 크림 so I was glad to find the LAST PIECE in the fridge for only P35!!! This special ice cream is shaped like a goldfish, which makes it so cute that it’s such a shame to eat it. The outer layer is actually a yummy waffle while the inside contains vanilla ice cream and red bean syrup as filling! This novelty ice cream is made by Binggrae 빙그래, which produces some of the most delicious snacks and drinks in the planet (including the best melon ice drop ever!)

I also couldn’t help buying a box of Pepero 뻬뻬로 for only P42. Pepero are wafer sticks from Lotte that originally was covered in chocolate. Of course, it has been so popular that there are several flavors now available including the nude version that I bought which contains chocolate filling instead of a coating. There’s actually a special day in Korea called Pepero Day every November 11. The idea for this day was actually conceived from how November 11 or 11/11 looks like two sticks of Pepero.Friends and couples exchange Pepero to commemorate this day! Although Lotte still denies inventing Pepero Day, it cannot be denied that they make a bulk of their sales of this product on Pepero Day.

Delicious right?! So if ever you need to buy a late Korean snack, head on to Assima Supermarket at #109 Neptune St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City


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  1. Shin says:

    Hope you liked the experience at ShinMart. Take care.

    • joon 준 says:

      Yes! I like ShinMart very much because there are a lot of choices. It’s big and has all my favorite Korean snacks from Pepero to Melona Ice Cream~~~^^

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