TV5 has been under my radar ever since “Smile Honey” so I was totally surprised when I missed their new line-up of Korean Dramas. Among them is “What’s For Dinner?” which airs on TV5 every Monday to Friday from 12:15pm to 1:15pm.

It stars Kim Seong-Min as Ernest and Ha Hee-ra as Sheila. The premise of this is actually quite true and realistically funny. Ernest is a good family provider but a not-so-good husband (as you can see in the teaser – his signature line is, “Ipaghain mo ko.” which is like “Prepare my dinner.”) This frustrates his wife, Sheila because she feels more like a maid rather than a wife. Things take a more serious and nasty turn, when she discovers that her husband is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend.

I’m not really a fan of Kim Seong-Min, he always feels old and boring to me in all his dramas. And with the lack of a female lead to really grab my interest – I’m skipping this one. But if you’re looking for a Korean Drama alternative for your afternoon viewing, this is definitely a welcome option. The show has been averaging around 2% in the ratings game but I don’t expect much from it considering that it’s up against the ratings giant variety show, Eat Bulaga.

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  1. meisachi says:

    uhmm .. Kim Seong-Min was not harvey on that korean drama .. he’s something like hernest or ernest .. sounds like that ..

  2. liean says:

    i loved this drama..

  3. Gelina says:

    Actually, I like this drama… kelan ko lang narealize na maganda sya.. Sayang lang di ko naumpisahan..

  4. butterfly says:

    Very beautiful story and realistic too.

  5. jaja says:

    ako din, ndi ko sya naumpisahan but i always watch it since feb or march ata.. i love the story’s twists and turns.
    it leaves me wanting, no dying, to see the next episode.
    me nkakaalam ba ng site to download episodes?

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