You all know how Koreans love videoke (노래방)!!! ^^

I still have nightmares of that videoke night that I posted about HERE when I had to sing Romanized Korean lyrics of “Sorry Sorry-Answer” by Super Junior. Sorry, but it isn’t fun to try reading “micheo, micheo” if you know Hangul!!! So I was extremely happy when we had a videoke night last Friday at Wako Family KTV and Restaurant. Not only were there Korean songs in actual Korean language, there was even Chamisul Soju 차미슬 소주 on the menu (in my favorite “Fresh” flavor)!

So if you’re Korean or trying to practice your Korean language skills, you’ll definitely enjoy singing your heart out here. 1 hour of unlimited videoke singing costs only P80! My friends and I ended up in the smaller room downstairs which has a videoke machine that contains less songs (I don’t know how many songs there are exactly in the upper rooms). Still, the Korean selection was respectable with songs from Korean artists like Loveholic and even Nell (two of my favorite Korean indie bands)! In fact, I ended up singing “Stay” from Nell and “그대만 있담연” from Loveholic.


Sorry about the blurry photos since I had too much soju by the time I took these photos with my mobilephone. Don’t worry, K-Pop fans, I also saw some K-Pop songs from Super Junior and  the like (so you can learn Hangul and stop Romanizing the language). Peace!  (^_^);;

Wako is located at 286 Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City. My suggestion is that you go with just your bestfriend (translation: 1 friend willing to share the mic with you) — you’ll make the most out of your money and be able to enjoy singing more songs without feeling like a lonely person.

Thanks to and for the videos.


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  1. Jude C. Tan says:

    Hai. I go there almost every night. But I don’t know and don’t like Korean songs. I sing JAPANESE, Filipino, and English only. 🙂

  2. Jude C. Tan says:

    And I love their shoyu and miso ramen very much. My favorites. Oishii.

  3. Jude C. Tan says:

    It’s my favorite KTV venue as of now.

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