I’m reposting this article on the Super Show 3 from today’s Philippine Star written by Kring Elenzano, the hilariously sexy beauty behind mykoreanboyfriend and funnysexy. I think this is a good write-up on the show but personally, I prefer the blog post HERE that she wrote from a fan girl perspective. I guess she wasn’t allowed to spazz in the broadsheet. (^0^)

Super Show 3: Every fangirl’s super dream
by Kring Elenzano

Much has been said about Super Show 3, which was held last Feb. 26 at the Araneta Coliseum. Some claimed that it was crazy, others expressed it was the “best show that they’ve seen.” But really, everyone would agree that they got more than what they paid for.

The much awaited concert was planned and prepared for almost half a year by PULP Live Productions — the same people who bring us the yearly rock fest, PULP Summer Slam. Indeed they have proven once again why they’re one of the leaders in the industry with the high high production value of Super Junior’s Manila leg show. The quality of the concert is the same quality that fans that fans from across Asia experience. In fact, word has it that many of the equipment were even flown in from Korea, Singapore and Bangkok.

Though the concert itself was just for one night, the festivities began the day prior with Super Junior Fiesta. Fans from diferent organizations, clubs and fora gathered at the parking lot of Araneta Coliseum in celebration of SuJu’s music and half-a-decade career. There were performances from cover groups, concessionaires selling SJ items and of course, ELFs who proudly proclaimed their biases through their shirts and fan signs. Given that it was organized by PULP, too, it seems like it’s not only Super Junior who knows how to do fan service!

Ten thousand people filled up the coliseum. Those were the same people who fought to get the best seats in the venue, regardless of the cost. And I believe that none of the 10,000 went home disappointed. The show was so visually and aurally gratifying that it was like a cross between Star Wars and The Beatles. The boys were singing in Korean, Chinese, and English and some of them performed in drag or while hitched up from the trusses! Everyone was screaming and throwing random stuffed toys and dried mangoes at the boys. It was an insane atmosphere and you wouldn’t understand the level of passion that the Filipino fans have for Super Junior unless you got to experience it first-hand in their Super Show concert.

To say that the concert was epic is an understatement. There were pyro, laser lights, a rotating stage, humongous circular LED screens and 10 incredibly talented boys who danced their hearts out in the three-hour show for the audience. Truth be told, Super Show 3 was every fangirl’s dream come true.

Thanks to the Philippine Star for the photo and article.


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  1. OMG THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe you even blogged about this hahahaha! Sweeeeet~
    Thanks for the shout out! ^^ Wait, you Korean?

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