I bought this last night for P175 after hearing about it from Funny Sexy. Being a person of very cultured literary tastes (I have a whole wall of bookshelves filled with novels from greats like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Salman Rushdie), I knew 아버지 would kill me if he found out that the latest book I read was about fan girls. In any case, I finished all 199 pages in one sitting.

Released by Summit Media and written by Chinggay Labrador (from Sparkling Magazine), this book revolves around the fictional life of Andie, a former writer-now bum, who discovers the world of Korean dramas when her friend Trixie introduces her to Coffee Prince, Boys Over Flowers, My Girl, and Full House as break-up treatment. Trixie is the quintessential arts and culture snob, so Andie is surprised to discover that her uber-smart friend actually has a thing for Korean dramas. Their love for Korean dramas eventually snowballs when Trixie’s photographer BFF Cesca joins them in their Korean Drama DVD marathons. But it isn’t until they meet Nica, Andie’s former officemate-who-is-so-stylishly-hot-she-should-be-a-model, in a concert for the fictional K-Pop group 7Heaven that they actually complete their K-Pop coven.

What follows is a fantastical account of their misadventures as they get sucked into the whole Korean fan girl scene from flying to Japan for a concert of the fictional Korean idol band Movement, getting lost in Korea in an effort to bump into their K-Pop idols, meeting a Munchkin fanboy and fan girl Orcs, to finding a Korean friend from Manila and a Korean friend from Korea (yes, I kid you not).

If you’re a certified fan girl (or fan boy, what the heck), this is a must-read for you. You can definitely relate to all the spazzing, the fandom, and the hilarious insanity of being a fan. I kept on chuckling and laughing at a lot of moments in the book since I totally got why these girls acted the way they do. It’s also great that the storyline has a touch of romance as a side plot but not really as its main point. This book is more about fan girling (yes, I can use it as a noun) more than anything else. It can be on the absurd side in some parts – like when one of the girls actually gets noticed by her Korean idol and gets into the Korean entertainment industry (I was literally shouting, “진짜?! 정말?! over and over) but it is forgivable since it gives the book a fan girl fantasy-come-true element to it.

And did I mention that there is a Korean character in the book named Joon, who also happens to have a perm?! ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ



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  1. 디오나 says:

    red this book few months ago~
    well,im not really a certified fan girl only except for 2am(most specially chang-min)and CN Blue’s Yong Jong Hwa~
    did enjoy reading it but not that much cause it’s so far from reality,.
    Joon with the permed hair,so cute for a guy to do that to impress a girl just on their first date^^

    • joon 준 says:

      I can really relate to that. I’ve done my fair share of hair horrors just to impress the girl I like. That’s why some parts of the book was quite funny to me. I should read the sequel already. Hmmm….where is my copy of that~~~it’s here somewhere I think.

      • 디오나 says:

        that’s so nice!^^
        and so funny!~
        i know girls do that,.Philippine guys just try to dress up,might put a hair gel but a perm or even a haircut?then,that makes Korean guys look more cuter,.

      • joon 준 says:

        Thank you! Sorry about the missing image of the book. I lost a lot of the images in the blog after it was hacked~~ ^^

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