This came just in time.

After Alexander and Kim Ki Bum were booted out by their management company (yes, it is how it is) from U-Kiss, Philippine Kiss Mes can reminisce their days in the group through a special DVD that chronicles their 1st Manila Tour (I’m still moping over the fact that I missed this concert!).

The DVD album launch is set for April 2 although no details regarding specific activities or even the album’s contents have been revealed. This is definitely a must-have for Kiss Mes since this is the last footage they have in Manila with all the original U-Kiss members (unless somebody releases a DVD of Rain’s Manila Concert).

U-Kiss member Dongho, recently posted on Twitter calling on KissMes to continue supporting the group. Whether all the fans will heed this call is another matter. We’ll just have to wait and see how successful this DVD will be.

Thanks to Universal Records for the photo.


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  1. jhoei says:

    hi can we buy this dvd on that day also??

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