Just found out that the Face Shop is offering several Kim Hyun-Joon freebies this whole month of March including a diary, a gift box, a poster, and a calendar! Take your pick, fan girls!

And in the unlikely case that you’re really more interested in The Face Shop products and not in its endorser – there are also free products up for grabs! including a cosmetic pouch & hair accessory set, a Marine Plant Cell Revive Special Gift Set, and an Eco Vert Special Starter Kit.


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  1. Gigi says:

    Ehh.uhmm…. what and how much should to buy to get the endoser himself????…..

  2. I just wanna ask, what if I bought products worth 2000 pesos in a single purchase what would I get? do I have to choose between the freebies or will I get all because you know, I’m confused by the “may not overlap with the ongoing promos” part… 🙂

    • joon says:

      You read the fine print right! The promos do not overlap with each other. That means you need to choose what prize you are going for. So you either go for the (1) Diary with Gift Box Set, (2) Poster with Calendar, or (3) the various gift set. Hope this helps. ^^

  3. Joke! Sorry but I’ve got another question when you said in option 2 is it really Poster with calendar OR Poster or Calendar? Does this make sense? Sorry 🙂

    And I know it’s personal but if for example, you were me which would you choose option 1 or option 2? Please I’m kinda torn in between =))

    Hope that I’m not annoying you so much (^_^)

    • joon says:

      No problem. I do this blog for everyone interested in Korean stuff. I understand your confusion about the second set. Sorry about that. For the second option, you either get a calendar (for P800) OR a calendar (for P2,000).

      Here’s my suggestion. If I were you, I’d avail of Option 1 (Take note that you must have the BB Cream with your P2,000 purchase. It’s a great product I assure you! My sister swears by it.) so you can get the Gift box AND the diary. Option 1 gives you more Kim Hyun-Joong stuff.

      Then if you still have some budget left, make another purchase (meaning new transaction and different receipt!!!) worth just P800 to get the poster. The poster only requires P800! (^~^)

      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks! It’s really helping me a lot! Last Question, I hope 🙂

        Would you possibly know what’s inside the gift box (is it the packaging for the diary?) and what the diary contains (like pictures or is it just a plain diary that you can write on)?

    • joon says:

      I’m not sure about the diary’s contents but I’m sure it won’t be as elaborate or picture-filled as the Starbucks planner for instance. So don’t expect too much pictures.

      As for the Gift Box, I think it’s basically like a box with KHJ’s photo on it. Its purpose is for you to put in the Face Shop products that you bought. ^^

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