Philippine fashionista and celebrity blogger Chuvaness (Cecile Van Straten) didn’t find the Tangerine look of Dara for Etude House much to her taste when she wrote about it HERE. She posted:

…I’m wondering who the hell styled her? Holy Orphan Annie, Batman! This look is a downgrade from Sandara’s upgrade from Philippine showbiz. Who did this to you?

In as much as I’m a big fan of Dara’s, this look wasn’t too appealing to my taste either. All I see is ajumma 아줌마 permed hair and ajumma clothes! Coupled with the tangerines all around her, she looks like one of those ajummas selling tangerines in the market! Sorry Dara! But I still love you! (^_^);;

I was actually surprised to find this “Orphan Annie” look since the interview photo from the Philippine Daily Inquirer seemed like it was channeling Marilyn Monroe with a contemporary touch to it. The photo, as seen below, looks refreshingly chic.

So what do you think about Dara’s Orphan Annie look?


Thanks to chuvaness and the Philippine Daily Inquirer for the photos.


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