I know how fans can go crazy throwing presents at them during these concerts (I was in Super Show 3 Manila, remember?). But I certainly do not like what happened to Heechul after an ELF threw a present at him during SS3 Shanghai (as seen in the video above) that wounded his left eye eye. Heechul was forgiving though when he tweeted about what happened.


Heedictator 희님

이 상처를 끝으로 절대로 두번 다시는 무대 위로 어떤 것이라도 날아오지 않았으면 합니다. 어느 곳에서든.. 아프지도 기쁘지도 화나지도 행복하지도 않네요

(Translation: I hope this is the last time and that fans don’t throw things on stage again. I’m not hurting, pleased, angry, happy or sad about what happened.)

Although, I’m not bashing the ELF who did this – of course, she didn’t mean to hurt Heechul! – it’s a good reminder to be careful and responsible as fans about how you act towards your idols.  In SS3 Manila, what really bothered me was when somebody threw a Bible at Siwon. Of course, Siwon picked it up and gave it to one of the crew onstage but it made me wonder whether throwing the Bible is a good way of showing support for a fellow Christian?

My suggestion? Get a good seat. You can hand them the gifts yourself when they pass by. Super Junior has one of the closest stage to the audience that I’ve ever seen. Or just enjoy the music. It ruins their routine when they have to keep dodging all those gift missiles.

Thanks to for the video.

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