I visited my favorite Mr. Kimbob in SM Makati and had my usual lunch of bibimbap. While, I was eating I noticed these two ladies who were looking intently at me. At first, I was thinking that I might have made a mess of myself while eating (It has happened before! Gochujang 고추장 on a white shirt is NOT fun!). But then I realized that they were checking out how I was eating bibimbap 비빔밥.

Initially, they ate their bibimbap like usual Filipinos. They put the meat, egg, and vegetables on one side and used the gochujang as a sauce or dip. When they saw that my bibimbap was mixed all over – they suddenly did the same thing. There was even a moment of realization when the woman holding the bottled water in the photo, tasted her bibimbap and nodded her head in acknowledgement that the bibimbap tasted better this way. I took this photo while they were unaware (note my almost empty plate)

I checked after they left – their plates were eaten clean.

So I guess that’s my contribution to the promotion of Korean food culture for today. ^^


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