The Philippine adaptation of the hit Korean Drama “Green Rose” has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2011 New York Festival (NYF) International Film and TV Awards.

The original Korean Drama starred Go Soo and Lee Dae-Hae – two of my favorite actors. Jericho Rosales leads the local adaptation as Jerome Delgado, a hard-working cargo shipper for SR Company. By some twist of fate, he happens to save Angela Tuazon (played by Anne Curtis), the daughter of the CEO. Sparks fly and they eventually fall in love despite the differences in their social status. However, the ambitious Edward Fuentebella (played by Jake Cuenca) desires to not only win Angela’s heart but also to take control of their company. Edward takes advantage of Jerome’s friend Geena Rallos (played by Alessandra de Rossi), who happens to hide an unrequited love for him. With her help, he manages to frame Jerome for the attempted murder of Angela’s father. A daring escape ensues as Jerome is chased by the police to the point wherein he jumps to his death from the bridge to evade his pursuers…but is Jerome really dead? Of course not! Ha ha ha! What follows is an exciting adventure for Jerome as he tries desperately to clear his name.

The original drama was a very melodramatic series that rated really well in Korea. It starred Go Soo, one of the best Korean actors, and Lee Dae-Hae, who surprised me with her ability to do hardcore drama as well. I have high hopes for the Filipino adaptation because so far, it’s proven true to the source material but with a distinct Filipino touch as well. It has captured the same dramatic intensity and high-octane action of the Korean drama. Jericho has also proven to be a good actor. Jericho may not be as nuanced in acting as Go Soo but there is raw talent in his performances that shows how good he can be in the future. Anne Curtis is no Lee Dae-Hae either but she has a fresh ingenue way of acting that makes her a pleasure to watch.

So good luck to Green Rose in the New York Festivals!

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