I recently went with some friends to the newly opened Bon Chon Chicken franchise at Greenbelt 1. This Korean chicken is a favorite in New York and has even been voted as the Best Chicken in America – and is actually notorious for making customers wait 45 minutes for a taste of their extra crispy chicken!

Bon Chicken has a distinct crispy texture. This is because of the unique way it is prepared. The chicken fat is drained so you get only the lean meat and skin. Then it is fried twice in vegetable oil – the first frying process to make it crispy, then the second frying to coat it with sauce (that includes Korean ginseng in its secret blend). This means you get really flavorful crispy chicken that is so good it doesn’t need gravy or ketchup.

Because it doesn’t have breading commonly used in regular fried chicken, the skin of Bon Chon Chicken is actually delicately paper-thin. This is also the reason why it doesn’t look like the gigantic chicken pieces from fast food chains like Jollibee, McDonalds, or KFC. But don’t worry, a bite is enough to convince you that in this case – size doesn’t matter. It’s inside is just right – not dry but not too juicy either (I hate chicken that tastes like it’s still alive with blood and all!).

You actually have the option of enjoying your Bon Chon Chicken in either spicy or soy garlic flavor. I’ve tried both and I have to say that the spicy one is my favorite (but you all know my preference for spicy Korean food). But be warned! At Bon Chon, spicy really means spicy! This was discovered by an overenthusiastic female officemate of mine who boastfully said that spicy Bon Chon Chicken was not too spicy – only to turn red and say “I spoke too soon” after three bites or so. The spicy flavor of Bon Chon is actually very Korean in that it is a slow burn that keeps on intensifying as you continue to eat (Think Korean chili pepper paste).

If you’re looking for value for money, order the Chicken Chop Meal which includes 2 pieces of boneless chicken breasts, rice, and a regular drink for only P125. However, I definitely think you should also order Kimchi Coleslaw as a side dish which costs P45. The Kimchi Coleslaw is the perfect complement to the chicken as it cools your taste buds while the chicken heats up your palate.

I just wish they served free Cubed Pickled Daikon Radish like they did in the US. But anyway, at least we have Bon Chon already here in the Philippines.

There are currently two branches of Bon Chon in the Philippines which are open from 11am to 10pm. The first is the one I visited at Greenbelt 1 beside Pancake House and Starbucks. There is also another branch in Ayala Triangle Gardens which offers a better view although it’s a bit more crowded at peak hours.


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  1. It seems to very delicious after reading your blog , now I will definitely try this 🙂

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