Here’s some good news to lift up the spirits of Korean music lovers! David Choi has announced through his official site that Manila will be part of his SouthEast Asia Tour. The country is lucky to be part of only five stops in the tour that includes Hong Kong on June 15, Singapore on June 19, Malaysia on June 29, and Indonesia on June 28.

There are no details yet about the venue or ticket prices but a date has already been set. Mark your calendars! David Choi is hitting the Philippines on June 24! I’ll definitely be catching this one since I’m a big David Choi fan! And yes, I will buy the best ticket available! ^^

I posted the MV of David Choi’s “That Girl” way back in December HERE. The Korean American Youtube sensation who describes himself as an “unsigned singer/songwriter/producer who makes Youtube videos to inspire, entertain, educate, and inform”. He’s got an amazing set of pipes and a brilliant way of writing lyrics that are truly poetic.

I’m not sure if he’s already that big in Manila. But there must be a reason why the Philippines was included in his tour. Anyway, if you don’t know him yet, you still have 3 months to get to know his music. Visit his YouTube channel HERE. Take note that it is currently the #41 most subscribed to channel of all time overall and #7 most subscribed to channel among musicians. An unsigned artist won’t be that popular if he wasn’t that good.

Thanks to davidchoimusic for the video.


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