I was busy with work yesterday so I totally missed the revelation that Alexander and Kim Kibum were leaving U-Kiss. This means that they won’t be part of the group’s upcoming comeback album. They are two of the most active K-Pop idols on Twitter so it’s no wonder that they are trending because of this. In fact, my Twitter timeline has been flooded with tweets related to this announcement.

According to insiders, Alexander had an extensive discussion with his management company about his decision to leave the group. There are reports saying that he wants to continue his studies. Personally, I’ve been feeling that all was not well in Alexander’s world after his hiatus from Twitter.

On the other hand, Kim Kibum was reported to have plans of working his brother (SS501’s Kim Hyung-Joon) in their character company. There have been concerns among Kiss Mes that an old tweet was already a foreboding sign of this sad news. He had previously tweeted, “This March, I have news you might not like. But when the time comes, I will tell it like it is.” When the singer finally gave his official statement, he revealed that it was actually a “one-sided” decision of their management company to replace him because he “was lacking in some areas”. So technically, he didn’t want to leave U-Kiss. He was pushed out.

The Twitter accounts of the two celebrities have been swamped with tweets from KissMes (their fan club) – asking them to stay in the group. It is a sad day for the K-Pop world indeed.

I truly respect and understand their decision (the same way I felt when Han Geng left Super Junior and sued SM Entertainment). There are always legitimate reasons for doing something of this magnitude. But how I wish I saw their last concert in Manila – when they were still complete! (>.>)

Thanks to koreaboo for the photo.


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  2. Riz says:

    Nakakaiyak… pero I’ll always love and give them my full support wherever they go!!!:((

    • joon says:

      I’m disappointed as well. If Alexander and Kim Ki Bum were lacking in talent from the very beginning – then they wouldn’t have gotten into U-Kiss in the first place. I totally don’t get the logic of kicking out members. (*_*)

      Anyway, hope the group does well in its future endeavors! Same with the post-U-Kiss careers of Alexander and Ki Bum. v(^_^)v

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