Despite being a certified ELF, I had my hesitations about the concept of Super Junior-M’s comeback. I just didn’t get the Victorian vibe that SM Entertainment seemed to be going for. The style was a bit too busy, too overdone, too over the top, too un-Korean! But then I saw the MV for this and I have to say that I was blown away!

The look in the MV didn’t seemed staged at all. The Victorian-Vampire-Without-The-Fangs look actually worked! It had attitude and edge – like all fashion should be. Even all the fur (which I hate) became cool accents to their costume. It’s also better that their stylist opted for less colors than in the original photo that they released for the teasers. The muted palette worked well with the extravagant touches of their clothes.

The fantastic choreography was also quite refreshing and totally overwhelming! It has more aggressive masculine movements that showcase the powerful moves of the members. The guest addition of Eunhyuk and Sungmin have also made the dance sequences (and the vocal harmony) even more exciting. I especially love the part where they stay floating in the air (again the vampire vibe) as the music slows down a bit.

Speaking of the music, this is an interesting direction that Super Junior-M is taking. The sound is actually closer to the style of “Bonamana” but with an even harder electronic house rock jive to it. I can imagine this as a good club song in Hongdae already! Or as a soundtrack for an action flick (or a vampire thriller like The Queen of the Damned~ha ha ha!)

I can’t wait for the album launch of this in the Philippines (calling Universal Records)! I’m also hoping that Super Junior-M will perform this song in the upcoming Super Show 3 in Manila on Saturday!


Thanks to Universal Records for the photo and to sment for the video.


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