I haven’t heard anything from local Korean boy band One S3T since Jin’s guest performance at K-Pop Nation last December.Β  This is why I was really glad that Jin recently posted the video above on their fan page including the absolutely adorkable message below:

hello, everyone. I am Jin. πŸ™‚ um..I am so sorry that we can’t update our fan page nowadays.. Cause I have many things to do for my projects this term.

Um..I am just saying so just to recommand that there is my favorite korean song and I expect u guys to be enjoyed. He is name is “Hu Gak” and title is “Happy Me”. anyway I hope we will …meet soon πŸ™‚

Jin actually sounded good when he sang “I Believe” from My Sassy Girl during K-Pop Nation. So I really look forward to an actual performance featuring all the group’s members. Here’s to hearing more from One S3T soon.


Thanks to ο»Ώ for the video.


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