If you are looking for manhwa (Korean comics) that you can read online, Noblesse is perfect for you. It’s genre is action comedy so it can appeal to both boys and girls.

Noblesse is about Cadis Etrama Di Raizel otherwise known as Rai, the pureblood (think vampire with powers and all but without the rising from the grave stuff just all the elegant stuff) who has recently awakened after sleeping for about 820 years.

He discovers that the world has drastically changed since he slept and that his once terrible servant, Frankenstein, is now the principal in a South Korean high school. Taking this opportunity, he enters the school as a student so that he can learn more about the new world and eventually finds friends in the process. Imagine all the ridiculously crazy fun that ensues with his lack of knowledge about the modern world.

This webtoon from Naver is written by Son Jae-Ho and is illustrated by Lee Gwang-Su. Since its first release in 2008, this manga is updated around every week. As of this post, it is already on its 172nd chapter but don’t worry – the chapters are relatively short so you can easily catch up. You can read the original Korean HERE and you can also visit mangafox HERE if you want the translated version.

Thanks to mangafox for the photo.


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