Looks like the Philippines is really turning into a K-Pop Event crazy nation. A K-Pop PH Concert featuring K-Pop Cover Groups, K-Pop Cover Singers, and K-Pop Cosplayers will be held at the 1esplanade (near SM Mall Of Asia) from March 5 to 6. The event will start at 2:30 am on the first day and will last until 3:00am the next day. Tickets to the event are worth P200.00 only.

For more details and updates, visit HERE.


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Hi! 안녕! ^^

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  1. joon says:

    Just heard that this event will be for the benefit of the Kerygma community. ^^

  2. Jazzyhue says:

    Aish!…. starts at 2pm? more like started at 7pm.

    • joon says:

      Woah? Really?! That’s bad! How was it? I missed this event so I didn’t know what happened. (*_*)

      • Jazzyhue says:

        it was my first time going there. There was some “TECHNICAL” difficulties so it started VERY late. Some of the performances was joengmal joh-eun. some was WTH. I specially like the Mister E, MBLAST and AMIGOs performances. 😛 you should’ve come.

    • joon says:

      joengmal joh-eun = 정말 좋은? 6(^_^)

      Good! Good! Glad you enjoyed it! I attended a family party so I couldn’t come. Maybe next time I can go.

      Technical problems usually occur in any event. I was just surprised when you said it started 5 HOURS late. ^^

      • Jazzyhue says:

        HAhaha!! just tried the “translate” at google.
        There’s one on the 27th daw. maybe you’ll be able to come by then and i know technical problems do happen but UBER TAGAL!!!

      • joon says:

        Hmmm…I’ll check my schedule then. If I don’t have a shoot then I might come. ^^

  3. Jazzyhue says:

    shoot? hmmm…. now that you mention it. i haven’t explored this page yet. GOt curious about you.. btw following you at twitter. (if you don’t mind) Anyways,, See you there (if ever)

    • joon says:

      I’m in advertising. CFs!!!

      Thanks for following me on Twitter! I followed you back. It’s always nice to meet new friends. ^^

  4. Sydney says:

    hello 😀

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