With Valentine’s Day just a few hours away, you’ll surely get extra brownie points if you’re giving any of these three stuffed toys to your Korean Drama addicted girlfriend (or even boyfriend) .

#3 Minomi Lion Doll from Perfect Match

Famous teddy bear designer, Joanne Oh, actually made this doll to resemble Lee Min-Ho who played Gino Jeon (Jeon Jin-Ho in the original Korean). Minomi is actually more expensive compared to other dolls because Joanne actually made it by hand so that it will have distinct features such as Lee Min-Ho’s pointed nose, long legs, and smart-looking eyes. If your girlfriend is a Perfect Match addict, then this is the perfect gift! Get it for her for $88 at www.joannefactory.com

#2 Rabbit Pig Doll from He’s Beautiful

In He’s Beautiful, Hwang Tae-Kyung (played by Jang Geun Seuk) does a major operation to create a stuffed toy hybrid by “surgically” transferring the nose of a pig doll to a rabbit doll. But there is no need for you to play stuffed toy surgeon just to make your girl sing praises for you! The popular rabbit pig doll is actually available online for only $49.99 at www.yesasia.com.

#1 Momo a.k.a. Samshiki Pig Doll from My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

Hands down (or hoofs down), this is the ultimate Korean Drama gift ever. Not only was Momo featured in the My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, it even had speaking lines! It is also perhaps the only stuffed toy that truly had a central part in any Korean Drama. This pig doll not only brought Kim Sam Soon and Cyrus together – it even played a central role in making the mute niece of Cyrus speak! Purchase it online for $79.99 at www.yesasia.com.

Thanks to kapamilyanovelas and yonihon for the photos.


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