I bought this P600 Iljin Calon Korean Hair Wax from Tony and Jackey during my last visit which I mentioned HERE. Before you judge me for being too metrosexual to buy such an expensive hair product – let me assure you, it is darn good! I’ve used hair wax from Gatsby and Bench before (including that Clay-Doh thing) and they don’t even come half as close in quality.

First off, it’s in the form of a soft cream that’s very easy to apply. Just a really small amount spreads easily and is enough for your whole head. It also feels light and non-sticky on the head and the hands (Actually, it feels like baby powder to me when I spread it). Plus, it smells really good but not too strong.

The lady in the counter of Tony and Jackey almost sold me the blue variant which was for spiky hairstyles. But then, my stylist Tei, came running from the end of the room shouting  – “No! No! No! No Blue! Green! Much better!” (Take note that the blue one was P100 more expensive.)

Really, my stylist is that good. And now my wax is , too.


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  1. […] Line). The BB Cream from The Face Shop is a bit pricey at P845 but on hindsight, I do use this P600 Iljin Calon Korean Wax. Anyway, read on and learn more about BB […]

  2. Nash says:

    Good Day!

    Hi There,

    I am also a guy (not gay) but i am also instrested in having those cool hairtsyles of asian particularly korea and japan and i dont consider my self being metrosexual its just that i’m just too darn intresested in having those cool haircuts since my hair is also straight enough to have those cool haircuts easily. Anyhow i’m a regular customer in TandJ amoranto Branch in quezon city and everytime i go there, the hairstylist already knows what haircut i prefer. I am previosuly using bench’s light clay wax but the thing is after i took a shower and my hair is all soft and flying everywhere, it is becomeing so hard for me to apply a lot of this clay wax just to style my hair and with that i am currently using the bench hairlastic since it is in liquid form and “Easier’ to apply… problem solved! =) This product compared to “Gel” is more convenient because when it dries up, it turns hard enough to style my hair and not greasy. But my problem with this product is it looks a little bit of a wet look type. I am looking for a hair product that is liquid and when it dries holds like a wax… and when i took my haircut in tony and jackie, i was really amazed becuase they just apply a small amount of that wax and then lightly applies to my hair and whenever i got hom, i am amazed becuase of how it holds (i mean this wax is for real) but previosuly i was sticking to bench hair lastic and clay wax because of the significant price difference and finally now i am that decided to buy T and J hair product because as proven also in your testimonial, only little amounts of product is needed to cover my entire hair and with that i guess my 600 can still last up to about 2 months hehe (quite expensive still but satisfied) adios bro

    • joon 준 says:

      Ha ha ha! No need to add the “I’m-not-gay” disclaimer. Modern guys are more concerned about their looks so I’m not surprised that you care about looking good.

      As for the hair product, I would suggest that you ask your Korean stylist from Tony and Jackey what hair product will work best with your hairstyle. Initially, the girl in the counter was selling me the BLUE version of Iljon Calon Wax. But my stylist ran from across the room and vehemently suggested against it. According to him, the blue one will make my hair look hard and spiky when my hairstyle isn’t supposed to be like that. The green one has a softer hold and adds shine (do note that I have regular permed and colored hair so I need the shine to not make it look dry). So it is really important to get the advice of your stylist. The prices of the Iljon Calon hair products also vary (I think the blue one was P100 more expensive).

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