I recently had my usual haircut and regular perm from Tei of  Tony & Jackey Makati. (Yes, I am vain!!! Just like your average Korean! ㅎㅎㅎ) As always, Tei did a fantastic job. I actually got a mop of hair similar to his (not the one he has in the photo above). Take note that I made a reservation at around 7pm so Tei was actually nice enough to accommodate me until 9pm (Tony and Jackey normally closes at 8pm I think). There was also a promo so my haircut+regular perm was only P2000 instead of the usual P3,000 that I pay. A regular haircut for a guy is only P300.

It was a really funny night because Tei was kind of teaching a new stylist his techniques so he was even more talkative than usual. They actually had this ridiculous conversation about “skinship”. For those unfamiliar with the term, skinship is used to describe intimacy or closeness in the culture. But the roughest and most superficial definition of this is basically your skin touching another person’s skin.In any case, the trainee was asking whether Tei was comfortable with skinship that happens when he cuts the hair of his customers. Ok, the conversation below is not a literal translation of their conversation but you’ll get the gyst.

TRAINEE: What do you think about skinship with your female customers?

TEI: I like it!

ME: (I think he’s a perve. Ha ha ha!)

TRAINEE: How about your male customers?

TEI: I like it!

ME: (Ok. He might be enjoying cutting my hair a little too much.)

TRAINEE: How about ajummahs (old ladies)?!

TEI: (with a wide grin) I LIKE IT!!!

ME: (Laughs with the rest of the Koreans in the salon).

I so love Tei for being such a funny guy (aside from the given fact that he’s a fantastic hair stylist). Another funny conversation he had that night with the trainee was about the color red and pink. When he was doing my perm (that sounds so gaaaay but whatever — it looks good), he asked for the curling rod that was color red from the trainee. The trainee couldn’t find it and said that there were no red rods.

TEI: (picks up the ambiguously red rod) This is red.

TRAINEE: No, that’s pink!

TEI: (picks up a loud pink rod) This is pink. (picks up the ambiguously red rod) This red.

TRAINEE: (to me) What color is this? It’s pink!

ME: (gives a look at Tei) It’s…red?

TRAINEE: (does a survey from everyone in the salon while I laugh)

Sorry, Ms.-Whatever-Your-Name-Is-Trainee. There was no way I was siding with you on this one since Tei is my stylist (He can wreak havoc on my hair after all and make it like Gu Jun-Pyo!). But lest you shy away from Tei if ever you try Tony and Jackey because of the skinship story – let me assure you, it was a joke. He’s the best around and one of the friendliest as well. You know your stylist is good when he offers you something cheaper instead of upselling…but more on that in the next post.

So if ever you’re into Korean hairstyles, just go to Tony and Jackey Makati. They’re located at West of Ayala Building along Buendia. Reservations can be made by calling 843-7571.

And look for Tei. He’s the best. He’s off on Tuesdays by the way.


Thanks to Tony and Jackey for the photo.



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    anyeong haseyo.. are you korean??

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