Ok, let’s face it. Not everyone can afford an SVIP Ticket to the Super Junior Super Show 3. So if you’re one of those ELFs who really want to be part of the concert but still haven’t had luck with the budget or the promos everywhere, here’s another “Miracle”! ㅋㅋㅋ

Happee Sy, the concert’s organizer, has just announced that General Admission tickets is now available thru Ticketnet for P1600 (price based on Ticketnet listing). We all know that the tickets have been selling like pancakes so I’m not sure if they’re all sold out by now. But I suggest you still try. As I found out before, the Ticketnet system doesn’t have a tracking system to find out if all tickets are sold already or just reserved. Remember, I got my SVIP ticket by calling every hour!!! And it’s better to have General Admission tickets than totally miss the show at all (at least you can hear them and breathe the same air they breathe in – just bring binoculars). So call Ticketnet at 911-5555 ASAP.

There is still some hope! Fighting! Q(^_^Q)

Thanks to Happee Sy for the photo.


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