Move over Bennifer and Brangelina…this is the best couple ever. ❤

As February comes closer, so does the K-Pop Valentine Ball which I posted HERE. I was trying to think of all the perfect Korean couples…and all I could think about was Hyun Bin and Song Hye Ko (Hyun-Song)~~and Kring Elenzano and Jimmy Kim (Krimmy).

Kring started a blog April last year to immortalize all the wonderful moments (wonderful also being translatable to “makes you wonder WTF”) she’s had with her Korean boyfriend Jimmy. From her first post until now, they still make me smile, laugh, say awww how cute, and yeah, scratch my head at times in wonder — because baby, this is the best blog dedicated to love (Korean or otherwise) that I know.

Visit Krimmy’s blog at

Thanks for the videos Krimmy!


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  1. OMG I OFFICIALLY LOVE YOU!!!! I shall pimp your blog~ Wait, I’ll invite you to our events! Cuuuuuttteeee OMG!

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