It’s two for one, for 2NE1! Thanks to the recent double album launch by Universal Records, two albums by 2NE1 are on the top two spots of the Astrovision/Astroplus Charts for January 10 to 16.

To Anyone dominates the chart at #1 while The First Mini-Album Repackaged is at #2. This is great news for K-Pop lovers in the country. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time for 2NE1 to hold the top spot in any album sales chart in the country. In a way, this is further proof that the K-Pop marketing model of Universal Records definitely works. More power to you guys and to all the Blackjacks.

Congratulations to all the Blackjacks who made this feat possible!


Thanks to Universal Records for the photo.


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  1. […] how 2NE1 claimed the two top spots in the Astrovision/Astroplus Charts HERE, I guess this FREEBIE can be considered as a big thank you to all the Blackjacks who supported them […]

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