Forgive the blurry photo. My hands were totally trembling in excitement and disbelief.

It was something akin to a miracle. As all my K-Pop friends know, I’ve been trying desperately to secure a ticket to the Super Junior Super Show 3 in Araneta Coliseum on February 26.

I had made the stupid mistake of not buying my tickets as soon as they were available from Ticketnet (around December) so I found out that tickets were practically impossible to get by January. All the tickets were reserved or bought by the time I actually thought of buying tickets.

Part of me panicked since the Super Show 2 was the concert of the year last 2010 and Super Show 3 was expected to be the same for 2011. I almost considered getting a ticket from scalpers or even bribing one of the other Suju fans with P10,000 (the SVIP ticket I wanted only costs P7,920). But I knew that this was still not enough assurance that I could get the ticket I wanted.

So in an act of sheer desperation, I actually decided to start calling Ticketnet every hour last Friday from morning until evening. By mid-afternoon I was already concerned that this was such an impossible feat. I even prayed and vowed to the Korean gods of music that I would exile myself to Korea if I don’t get a ticket.

That was until I called at around 7pm and finally got an SVIP ticket reserved from Hannah of Ticketnet. I couldn’t believe that it was exactly the ticket that I wanted and I kept bugging her to make sure that my name was spelled right. I eventually went straight to SM Makati Ticketnet to get the ticket right away and ensure that it was in my hands.

In fact, the sales lady at SM Ticketnet was quite surprised that I got tickets since the show was no longer appearing in their system because it was fully reserved/sold out. She even asked if I knew someone from Ticketnet or one of the organizers~to which I proudly replied that it was all because of patience and a lot of faith in Suju.

So fellow ELFs, I’ll be right there with you in the SVIP area screaming my lungs out! Aja aja!Fighting!  ㅎㅎㅎ



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  1. charlene says:

    I lab it!!…
    i want to go to the concert of SUJU….!!!

    • joon says:

      Hi charlene! Do you have a ticket already? I think there are still some contests until February 25 for free tickets. Last I heard, there were also some tickets with Super Junior United Philippines. Hope to see you there! ^^

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