56ondaRoad, one of my blog readers, was asking about the ratings of Temptation of Wife which airs on GMA 7 every weekdays at 5pm. Well, she’ll be glad to know that the Korean melodrama became the top-rating daytime program as of the last report released by Kantar Media National TV Ratings for December 26 to 28, 2010.

Temptation of Wife had ratings of 19.0% for December 27 and 19.1% for December 28. This is a significant lead against Eat Bulaga (the consistent daytime program leader since forever) which only had 18.1% and an even lower 16.4% on the same dates.

In contrast, the direct competing programs against Temptation of Wife on the other channel didn’t even have half of the viewership of the Korean Drama. Down With Love only had 6.9% and 7.6% while Shout Out just had 8.6% and 9.0% for the same days.

It’s also important to take note that historically, GMA7 is weaker in the national ratings. The fact that Temptation of Wife has reached the top means that it is doing really well.

As I expected, the following of the Korean melodrama grew consistently as the story unfolded. By the end of last year, it was already #2 only to Eat Bulaga. It certainly had enough firepower to reach the top as it had a very compelling plot (Check out my synopsis of the drama HERE). Coupled with the fact that this drama stars Jang Seo-Hee (a.k.a. Irene from Miss Mermaid), there is definitely a strong and growing fan base for this. With even more episodes to go (this is a serial drama with 129 episodes), I predict the ratings to remain strong until the end.

Thanks to rheymond1097 for the video.


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