Ryan Bang, my favorite Korean local TV personality, was ranked #13 by Manila Bulletin in its list of Top 15 Newsmakers for 2010. He is lumped together with Super Junior who were noted for their amazing crowd-drawing Super Show Concert last year at Araneta Coliseum. Here is the article below written by Maria Laura V. Angeles:

Ryan Bang and the K-Pop invasion
Koreans woo the Pinoys

Famed and love for his “chuvachuchu dance,” Korean student-turned-Filipino TV star Ryan Bang says he just wants to make people happy.

Ryan has an appreciation for the value of education through his mother’s constant reminder: “If I don’t go to school my mom will hit me,” says the PBB Teens second prize winner. He considers his PBB experience as the best thing that happened in his life so far, and has bagged several TV projects since.

In high school, Ryan was the captain of his soccer team. He also became student council president. “I was elected because I promised the student body that I will always make them happy!”

Sicne moving to the Philippines five years ago to study, Ryan has become Filipino in every way. He loves three things the most: Manny Pacquaio, Enchong Dee, and pancit canton.

There are times that he feels homesick, but Ryan confesses that he would like to stay in the Philippines for good. “Filipinos are friendly. They always have a smile on their faces. I think I will stay here until I die,” he quips.

Also from Korea, the biggest boy band in the world, Super Junior, also took this Korean-loving country by storm in April last year via a concert at the Araneta Coliseum, fulfilling their Filipino fans’ dreams.

Thanks to RuneScapeNetwork2 and awesomefivesome for the videos.

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  1. I like Ryan Bang….He is naturally funny…..And I feel that he is good hearted…..

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