Through the strong support from local fans, it definitely was a great year for K-Pop with several albums from different artists topping the Philippine album sales and music channel charts. There was no better way to celebrate this than the K-Pop Nation Event last December 29 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall.

Technically, there was no real entrance fee. The P150 you paid for the ticket actually went for the community development program of Gawad Kalinga. This is such a great idea since it enabled the local fans to show their love for K-Pop while showing their love for fellow Filipinos at the same time. And before some close-minded people say that this is just a promotional gimmick; do take note that the K-Pop Convention raised P500,000 in just 1 day. This will be used to help build homes for the poor in Bantayan Island, Cebu.

Anyway, there was also a bazaar of sorts selling all kinds of K-Pop fan merchandise from posters, key chains, pillows, bags, to Korean albums. Since I already have all the albums of Super Junior (I’m an ELF at heart), I ended up buying a Suju T-Shirt, a Suju tumbler, and a Suju magic mug.

I got this Suju shirt which features cute chibi drawings all of the 11 active members in the Bonamana album. This shirt was quite a steal at only P250 from a booth called Koolean. I love the name of the booth since it’s such an awesome wordplay that combines Cool and Korean while also having fun with (not making fun of) the way Koreans pronounce the letter “R” which has the same symbol as “L” in Hangul. (Think Ryan Bang’s Lily erm Really). It was also interesting how there were actual Korean students manning the booth who could barely understand English.

I also got this tumbler which also shows cartoons of the Suju members from another booth for only P150. It’s not as premium as the Starbucks tumbler but it sure is darn way cuter!

Before Hot Water

After Hot Water

My favorite item fan merchandise would have to be this Magic Mug which I got for only P250. It looks like a plain black mug at first but if you add hotness~then you get Super Junior! Ha ha ha!

I also got two Chikara hats which were all the rave during the K-Pop Convention. The grey hat was P250 while the black hat was P300. Practically everyone wore one of these cute hats with some of us even giving up our stylish fedoras for them.

There was also a booth for Seoul FM which I absolutely loved because not only did was K-Pop music played here throughout the duration of the event, MVs (Music Videos) were even projected here. Fan boys and girls alike went wild watching artists like Super Junior. If you were outside of the venue, you would even think that the K-Pop artists were actually there with all the screaming and singing along to the music.

Of course, there were a lot of activities, contests, and performances to keep the day busy and exciting. Among the notable guest performers were Gyu Jin-Nam from new homegrown Korean boyband One S3T (the rest of the band weren’t able to attend) and Jemuel Forto who recently won in the Bravo! Asean in Korea 2010! Talent Competition held in Konkuk University, Seoul.

All in all, the K-Pop Nation was quite a success. It brought together around 5,000 K-Pop fans in what remains as the biggest K-Pop event in the country. Here’s to waiting for the next K-Pop Nation Event!



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