Among the line-up of new K-Dramas to watch out for this new year is Baker King, the hit series starring Yoon Si-Yoon, Joo Won, Eugene, and Lee Young-Ah. It has been included in the GMA7 Telebabad timeslot and will start its official broadcast on January 3.

I’ll do a synopsis and a proper introduction of the characters once I have the names that will be used in the Filipino-dubbed version. I also want to at least finish watching it so I can give it a fair commentary. So Jaypee, you might have to wait a bit more. ^^

Thanks to TheAdobonation2009 for the video.



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  1. Jaypee says:

    Thanks for the info joon. For me, the story & the cast are great as well as the timeslot in GMA7. I think it will hit high ratings in the Philippines like in S.Korea. 🙂

    • joon says:

      You’re welcome Jaypee. I’ve read some of the reviews on Baker King and it definitely sounds like one of those Korean melodramas that Filipinos love to watch. So I agree with your initial expectation that it will hit high ratings. ^^

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