My dad and I celebrated his birthday by grilling some dwaejii kalbi (돼지갈비) and drinking soju (소주) while watching the Korean Movie “Mother” starring Won Bin.

KalbiThe grilled kalbi went perfectly with the samjjang (쌈장) since the delectable smoky flavor of the pork complemented the kick of the fermented bean and red pepper paste. Just a note to anyone who tries to serve kalbi in any other way aside from grilling it, DON’T. Whatever you do, it’s just not going to be as good since kalbi gets its distinct flavor from the grill.

Of course, no Korean party would be complete without soju. We bought two flavors – the original flavor (which my dad likes) and the fresh flavor (which I prefer). By the end of our drinking party, we were both pretty drunk – my dad was talking with a frog in the garden and I was calling Kim Hye-Ja, “Omma!” on the TV.

All in all, a successful birthday party for my dad! 생일 축하!



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