Looks like a shirt straight from Hongdae right? Maybe something that even the boys from He’s Beautiful will wear?

Some friends were asking me about where to shop for clothes with a distinct Korean style in Manila. And they’re always surprised when I tell them that Oxygen is the best place for Korean-style fashion finds as of the moment.

Just like the piece above, my whole wardrobe for the “ber” season have been from Oxygen (I blow a whole paycheck here every payday). I find it really interesting how the Korean look has influenced a lot of the pieces from their drop-crotch pants to their cowl neck shirts. So you get a lot of asymmetrical pieces in soft, flowy fabrics with stylish details.

Just check out the shirt below which I will soon have if I can find it in my size (been looking everywhere for a size SMALL).

What I also like about Oxygen is their excellent customer service. I highly recommend Dorothy from the newly renovated and relocated SM Megamall branch. I ❤ her. If ever I get married to a saleslady (technically, she’s a custodian already) she would be it. She’s good ~ Greenbelt-saleslady-level good.


Thanks to Oxygen for the photos.


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