Like I mentioned before, the 12th Cinemanila International Film Festival includes Korean movies as part of its line-up of featured films this year. Imagine my surprise when I saw that there weren’t just two K-movies in the complete schedule. And if this wasn’t great news enough for K-movie lovers, there is also a special Introduction and Q&A with Director Im Sang-Soo for the movie, The Housemaid.

Below is the organized list of K-movies scheduled to be shown in Robinsons Movieworld at Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Center, Quezon City from December 1 to 8.

December 1 – Wednesday
Cinema A (35mm) Jury & Press Screenings
6:45pm Thirst by Park Chan-Wook
9:15pm Camellia by Joon Hwan-Jang, Wisit Sasanatieng & Isao Yukisada

Cinema B (Digital & 35mm) Jury & Press Screenings
2:00pm Passerby # 3 by Shin Su-won
5:30pm Breathless by Yang Ik-Joon

December 2 – Thursday
Cinema A (35mm)
12:00nn  Camellia by Joon Hwan-Jang, Wisit Sasanatieng &  Isao Yukisada
2:00pm Mother by Bong Joon-Ho
8:30pm Secret Sunshine by Lee Chang-Dong

December 3 – Friday
Cinema A (35mm)
8:15pm The Housemaid by Im Sang-Soo (Introduction plus Q&A with the Director)

December 4 – Saturday
Cinema A (35 mm)
6:00pm The Housemaid by Im Sang-soo
10:05pm Thirst by Park Chan-Wook

Cinema B (Digital & 35mm)
9:15pm Animal Town by Kyu Hwan-Jeon

December 6 – Monday
Cinema A (35 mm)
4:15pm Breathless by Yang Ik-Joon
9:30pm Mother by Bong Joon-Ho

December 7 – Tuesday
Cinema A (35 mm)
9:10pm Secret Sunshine by Lee Chang-dong
2:00pm Father Is A Dog by Lee Sang-Woo

Do take note that the festival starts tomorrow. So see you all there!


Thanks to Cinemanila for the photo.


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