I just found out through one of my Filipino director friends that there will be two Korean films included in the showcase for the Cinemanila International Film Festival on December 1-5 in Quezon City.

What’s interesting is that they both star Jeon Do-Yeon, the Korean actress who won Best Actress in the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

The first one is “The Housemaid”, a retelling by Director Lim Sang-Soo of the original 1960 classic from Kim Ki-Young. It tells the story of divorcee Eun-Yi (played by Jeon Do-Yeon), who gets hired as the housemaid of a wealthy family. However, things turn for the worse when Hoon (played by Lee Jeong-Jae), the head of the family, becomes attracted to her and takes advantage of his position over her. Their illicit and clandestine trysts soon cause chaos in the dynamics and social politics within the family.

Another K-Movie that will be screened during Cinemanila is “Secret Sunshine” by Lee Chang-Dong. This is the movie that gave Jeon Do-yeon her Cannes trophy when she played Shin-Ae, a single mother who relocates to her husband’s hometown to start a new life. But when a sudden tragedy tests her resolve in searching for happiness, she discovers a delicate thread of hope with a man who stands through everything with her.

It’s very rare to actually catch a Korean movie in the local big screens so I strongly suggest that you go attend this one.


Thanks to Cinemanila for the poster and to  KoreanMoviesAddict and edmame for the trailers.


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