I first noticed Onitsuka Tiger shoes worn by Gong Yoo in Biscuit Teacher and Sugar Candy (as seen in the photo with green Onitsukas).

I have always been a hardcore Adidas loyalist and would never wear anything else until Gong Yoo showed me how having the same Onitsuka model can still look cool — if you have like four different colors of the same shoe to match whatever mood you’re in (I think he wore a green, a yellow, a red, and a blue pair in the show).

Fast forward to present and I am now the proud and happy owner of the 4 Onitsuka Mexico 66’s below:

Onitsuka is a Japanese brand known for its clean classic look and lightness. I also like how it gives you a “feel” for the ground. But what I really love about Tigers are the colors. They come in such a wide array that range from the famous white with blue and red stripes worn by Bruce Lee in The Game of Death (1973) to the killer yellow with black stripes first worn by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (2003).

Here is my shoe cabinet filled with 12 boxes of Adidas (I’m still a fan) on the upper shelf and 4 boxes of Onitsukas (and counting) on the lower shelf.

I still have enough space for 8 more Onitsukas before I need a new shoe cabinet! (^0^)


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