I was cleaning up my messy office drawers and found this old novelty gift from my previous boss when she came from Malaysia (she knew I was obsessed with everything Korean).

It’s a set of really cute eraser toys shaped in the form of Asian food. The set includes dimsum, fried rice, ramen, rice with some sort of viand, and a pineapple (Yeah, I found the last one weird, too). The parts of each eraser as represented by the colors can actually be disassembled so you can actually remove the fried rice from the plate and the dimsum from the bamboo cooking thingy.

It’s Korean name is really funny since it reads “먹지마 지우개” which literally translates to “Don’t Eat Eraser”. There’s even a silly warning at the back that says “맛있어 보여 먹으면 안돼용!” that means “Looks delicious but don’t eat”.

As you can see from the price tag in the photo, it’s worth RM4.50 or roughly P63.27 based on today’s rates. Not bad for such a fun set of erasers!



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